Weekly Sedmička Písek a Strakonice, Slávka Petráková

Clarinetist Robert Pacourek will play at the Autumn Concert of the Písek Chamber Orchestra in the Holy Trinity Church on Saturday, 21st November.

Robert Pacourek, 42, is a Strakonice native. He started playing music at the age of nine. After high-school he graduated from the State Conservatory in Prague. He teaches music at a Prague music school, plays concerts and works with many Czech artists.

You are a teacher and you play on stage as well. How many concerts a year do you play?

I am a member of the Prague Chamber Trio and I have worked with other chamber orchestras too. I play about 40 solo recitals, chamber and orchestra concerts a year.

How often do you play in Strakonice and Pisek?

Several times a year. During the advent, I work with the Písek Chamber Orchestra on Jakub Jan Ryba’s Czech Christmas Mass. Last year, I played in the Capitulary of the Strakonice castle and in the Holy Trinity Church in Písek. This year I am going to play at the Autumn Concert in Písek and at the Circle of Friends of Music’s concert in Strakonice in February 2010.

Are there still people who listen to classical music? The young generation too?

Of course, there are. The same as in other genres.

Is it more interesting to play chamber music or to be a part of an orchestra?

For a graduate of a conservatory or music academy, to be a part of a big orchestra is a priority. However, playing in a chamber orchestra has its own magic and every instrument plays an important part; therefore, the performance must be perfect. Flawless interplay is needed, and every musician must learn it.

Who composed for clarinet?

Clarinet music is rich and various. Every significant composer wrote something for clarinet, from classicism to contemporary music. The most well-known composers are, for example, Kramář-Krommer, Mozart, Weber, Brahms, Debussy, Poulenc, Martinů, Francaix, Copland, Arnold, Klusák and many more.

What is your musical dream?

My dream is to enjoy music and to spread its beauty. And maybe to play Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto or Aaron Copland’s Concert with a professional orchestra.

Translation Petr Pirunčik


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