Clarinet of the 19th and 20th Centuries

This new CD is the clarinet player Robert Pacourek’s second profile album. It contains important compositions for clarinet and piano from this era.


Schumann 1 Zart und mit Ausdruck

Schumann 3 Rasch und mit Feuer

Páleníček 2 Andante rapsodico


Arnold 2 Andantino

Arnold 3 Furioso

Brahms 1 Allegro amabile

Brahms 3 Andante con moto

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Tracks (Total Time 54:50)

Robert Schumann

(1810 - 1856)

Fantastic pieces op. 73
for clarinet and piano

1. Zart und mit Ausdruk
2. Lebthaft, leicht
3. Rasch und mit Feuer

Josef Páleníček

(1914 - 1991)

Suita Piccola
for clarinet and piano

1. Allegro con brio
2. Andante rapsodico
3. Toccata Allegro

Claudie Debussy

(1962 - 1919)

Premiere Rhapsody
for clarinet and piano

Malcolm Arnold

(1921 - 2006)

Sonatina op. 29
for clarinet and piano

1. Allegro con brio
2. Andantino
3. Furioso

Johannes Brahms

(1833 - 1897)

Sonata Nr. 2 Es dur op. 120
for clarinet and piano

1. Allegro amabile
2. Appassionato, ma non troppo Allegro
3. Andante con moto. Allegro non troppo